Beware of Scammers

 They may be someone overseas pretending to be in Australia
and asking you to send money
 or a breeder registered with their state body who is unethical. 

How can you tell what's right?

It's sometimes difficult, but if it doesn't feel right it probably isn't.

What to watch for:

Can you speak with them on the phone?

Can you meet by FaceTime or Zoom to view the puppy?

Do they only answer emails in the middle of the night?

Is the price to good to be true?

Never EVER deposit money into Western Union or pay a deposit by PayPal.

Only EVER pay cash or complete a bank transfer when collecting your puppy.

Call the registered state body or other breeders for references


It is important to look for a breeder who is registered with their state canine council for example Dogs NSW, Dogs QLD, Dogs VIC etc.

By being registered with the relevant state body, breeders are bound by a code of ethics. The code of ethics covers topics like the conditions under which dogs are kept, the age they are bred, the frequency they are bred, how and when they are sold and what should accompany them when the go to their new homes.

As per the Dogs NSW code of ethics.... "Upon the sale or transfer of a dog, a member shall supply the new owner with a current vaccination certificate signed by a Veterinary Surgeon evidencing that the dog has been immunised agained Canine Distemper, Hepatitis and Parvo Virus along with microchip documentation.​ You must also receive pedigree papers for the puppy. The papers will be Orange if on Limited Register and Blue if on main register." 


Click here to read Dogs NSW Code of Ethics


For further information please visit the Dogs NSW website.
The link can be found on our useful links page